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10 Fresh Ways to Try Fruit Powders

Free flowing and low hygroscopic by nature, Fruit Powders match the richness of the vibrant tropical flavour of typical fresh fruits that balance the taste of sweet-and-tart. Fruit Powders are enriched with the goodness of nutrients and are available in a variety of delicious fruity flavours to suit everyone’s choice. It adds an authentic and aromatic burst of real fruit juice that makes it perfect to flavour various delicacies and savouries. It is moisture free but at the same time, well-soluble and also adds an intense colour that is often sprinkled on desserts, glazes, baked items and other kinds of smoothies. These powders are thus loved and appreciated for their awesome taste and purity that is sure to pep you up.

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Fruit powders serve as the most creative way of flavouring delicacies that include, the following:


Naturally, sweet fruit powders, when used in desserts, impart their refreshing flavour and mild sweetness. This makes fruit-based desserts a huge hit among people of all ages. Powders of strawberry, orange, apple, pineapple etc. add an exotic touch to desserts and make them perfect to be served after an elegant dinner.


Fruit powders are perfect to be added for seamless blending. This yummy goodness can be used to whip up the deserts or used in good old sherbets or anything really. The strawberry and blueberry fruit powder tastes like real. This powder retains the taste, flavour and richness of fresh fruit available in powdered form.

Baked Items

Powders of seasonal fruits like blueberries add delicious bursts of real blueberry flavour to your muffins, cupcakes etc. Though the base of these baked goodies looks simple, they taste divine thanks to their eclectic fruity toppings that are sure to pamper your taste buds.

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When added to cereals, fruit powders like that of banana or strawberry makes them more appetising, enticing taste buds of even the fussiest of children. Fruit powders complement any crunchy or powdered cereal that just melts in the mouth, as they soften in milk and give a natural fruity kick.

Glazing/ Frosting

Fruit powders make for a natural and healthy alternative and are often sprinkled atop baked goodies. Not only do they make the cupcakes/ cookies look more aesthetically appealing but also make it fruity sweet. Vanilla frosting, glazed with crushed pineapple or mango powder gives a unique tropical twist.


Tangy tomato powder with the same consistency as that of tomato ketchup and sauces are also available in powdered form. These make your burgers and pizzas even tastier and also look attractive.


The colour and texture of tomato powder are so versatile that it enriches and thickens homemade stews and soups. These are not only tasty but also so pure that they perfectly blend with any kind of delicacy. Apart from that, they add a wonderful colour too.


Yogurts come in all delicious fruity flavours, thanks to assorted fruit powders that offer a tantalising treat to your taste buds. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries etc. are perfect to be blended into thick, creamy, milk yoghurt that is sure to leave you refreshed.


Fruit powders not only add a unique and delicious fruity flavour to pancakes but also make it fluffier. It thus makes for a wonderful breakfast. Fruit powders like that of strawberry or apple, when added to pancakes make them tastier and one of the most loved delicacy.


In beverages such as fruit drinks, energy drinks and carbonated drinks or even mixed coffee drink, fruit powders add flavour and colour without moisture and enable total control over the consistency and taste of your product.

As consumers get more health-conscious, they are inclined towards a healthier lifestyle. So, have started to shift their preferences from the artificial ingredients to completely natural products. So, these fruit powders are perfect for consumption as they contain no artificial colours or preservatives. Fruit powders are thus convenient and also an economical substitute for fresh fruits in various different applications.

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