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Dehydrated Chives- Health Benefits

Dehydrated Chives are an essential ingredient among the classic seasoning herbs. Closely related to the onion family, these tiny and delicate leafy greens give a mild yet tangy punch combined with their distinctive oniony aroma

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Dehydrated Chives add extra essence and so, serve as an easy garnish and flavour enhancer in various dishes ranging from soups and salads, to omelettes and cheeses. Chives are valued for their many essential minerals as much as their uses in the kitchen. Dehydrated Chives are a great example of dehydrated vegetables that are loved as healthy snacks.These are as good as the sun dried chives, yet have a great shelf life and thus can be kept away as long term food storage for survival or emergency preparedness. For those who love the outdoors, these are light weight and work well for all your camping or backpacking food needs.

Known for their subtle oniony taste, Dehydrated Chives are a delicious way to flavour many dishes. Sprinkling of finely chopped chives on salads, soups and stews just before serving enliven their appearance and makes them more appetising. They are perfect for tying up bundles of vegetables or puff pastry parcels or dumplings. Dehydrated Chives can be chopped up and added to a variety of potato dishes including mashed and baked potatoes. They can also be used as an accompaniment to fish and egg dishes. Sprinkling chopped chives on your scrambled eggs or adding them to omelettes fancy their flavour at brunch.

Health Benefit of Dehydrated Chives:

  • Improved Heart Health
  • Bone Strength improvement
  • Antioxidants
  • Ease The Digestive Process
  • Detoxify The Body
  • Boost Immunity
  • Boost Vision
  • Enhance Sleep And Mood
  • Boost Skin Health
  • Might Improve Hair Health
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Fresh Chive sprigs are washed and gently spin dried. The discoloured leaves and tough stems are then picked out. The dehydrator is pre-heated to the lowest temperature. The herbs are chopped and clipped to ΒΌ inch pieces and spread over in a thin layer on trays in the dehydrator. And, the chives thus dehydrated until brittle such that the leaves are crisp and crumbly between the fingers.

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