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How to use Dehydrated Tomato Flakes?

Pondering through any pantry, tomato remains the most faithful companion. No wonder that tomatoes are the second most produced and consumed vegetable. The increasing unavailability of time taught people to store much. Spoilage of vegetables may happen in absence of proper humidity and temperature. Tomatoes being highly perishable in nature gets a limited shelf life. Shorter shelf life coupled with improper processing facilities resulted in heavy revenue loss. There came the need for developing suitable technology to process vegetables for longer shelf life.

Demand Exceeds Supply:

Vegetable price rises due to short of supplies during a pandemic, national crisis or drought. Rising westernisation of food pattern put a solution for this price hike by replacing the vegetables with dehydrated vegetable flakes/powders. The dehydrated flakes are getting acceptance in the global market since it has the potential to meet the increasing demand for vegetables.

The major market drivers for this industry are increasing population, rise in disposable income, growing consumption of processed foods, more adoption of dehydrated vegetable flakes by fast-food chain and restaurants.

Newmarket entrants are seeking to develop an integrated value chain in order to meet the processing priorities. The high demand for instant products made the dehydrated tomato flakes market grow rapidly. The prediction says over ten years we will see tons of vegetables and fruits turning into dehydrated powders/flakes for its flavour, nutrition and texture.

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Behind the Scenes:

Dehydration is the most convenient and reliable food preservation method. Freshly harvested tomatoes are washed and cut to the desired sizes and blanched by heating to a temperature to inactivate the enzymes. Then tomatoes are dehydrated using machine/air drying techniques.

Dehydrated tomato flakes are considered as the semi-manufactured product made out of dried tomato pieces. Tomatoes being 93% watery, loses most of its liquid content and becomes shrivelled when dried. Also, the flavour of tomatoes gets more intensified. In case of bulk buying no spoilage or wastage happens since they have longer shelf stay.

Cooking with Tomato Flakes:

The snack industries use dried tomato flakes for samosa, cutlets, rolls and salads. Even food processing industries demand these flakes to prepare meat patties and frozen sausages. They pair well with basil, garlic, paprika and rosemary. These punch packs when incorporated into any meal, bring the best for a dish. They can replace bland tomatoes, tomato paste and tomato juice. It thickens soups/stews, adds depth to barbecue sauces and it’s a secret ingredient in dry rubs. Vinaigrette and pasta sauces use dry tomato flakes to have a rich flavour.

Bread and muffins supplemented with dried tomato flakes have higher dietary fibre. Hence the bakery and instant mix industries avail the dehydrated tomato flakes. The delighting taste in pizza/burger spreads is obtained when tomato flakes are mixed with olive oil and garlic flakes.

Industries prefer dehydrated flakes than fresh ones as there will be longer shelf life, no money loss on waste, effective storage and easy availability of bulk flakes. A heaping spoon of flakes gives the best punchy tomato flavour for any dish. It’s a versatile addition to a pantry.

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Exploring the insides:

The growing global demand for dehydrated vegetable flakes makes us unveil product offerings. We started our hunt to explore and launch the freshest range of dehydrated tomato flakes. In this hunting world for naturalness and quality, we offer you the most authenticated and healthier dehydrated tomato flakes. We have spent countless time in research to source the highest quality of tomatoes. Our team has worked to embody natural tomato taste without slight acidity.

Dehydrated Tomato Flakes meets Mevive Foods:

The main attention of our manufacturing technology is to retain colour, vitamins, flavours and other nutritional characteristics. To save the best for seasons and to avoid fluctuating prices we offer our dehydrated tomato flakes.

Our dehydrated flakes are used in the preparation of infant food, instant soups/stews, ready to eat curries and gravies, noodles, instant gravy, pizza sauces and dips, seasoning mix, space food, pastries, tastemakers, mayonnaise and beverages. Also, we offer our products to foodservice industries like hotels, restaurants and fast-food companies.

The particle size of our dehydrated tomato flakes is available in 5*5mm, 10*10mm. The largest market share segment ie. ready to eat/ready to cook companies continue to purchase our products in bulks to get profitable outputs.

Striking the right note:

The machine/air dried tomatoes have a sweet-tart flavour that is more potent than the fresh. Our dehydrated flakes rehydrate quickly giving a depth and zest to the recipe. Rehydration of flakes can be done by plumping it in warm liquid. Our dehydrated flakes have higher stability that reduces the storage requirements. Our product reconstitutes well and remains free-flowing during storage.

As right as rain:

Buy our exclusive dehydrated tomato flakes in bulks immediately at comparatively low cost. Bulk buying our products reduce the cost. Get ready to store our flakes with tamper-proof packaging.

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