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Study on Dehydrated Onion?

Dehydrated Onion product is the most versatile staple in every kitchen. Light and crisp, Dehydrated onion (India) has the perfect balance of sweet and tart flavour that only comes from the freshest onions. These dried bulbs of goodness not only add an intense pungent natural aroma but also improve the taste of cooked food, as they help attain the desired texture and colour. With their concentrated flavour, Dried onions add strong onion hits and a great zing to various culinary delicacies calling for onions, including casseroles, side dishes, seasonings, and sauces.

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Sourced fresh from the farms of trusted vendors and hygienically processed, dried (pink) onion are manufactured and exported in different forms such as slices, kibbled, flakes, minced, chopped, ground, granules or power. Onion flakes are prepared from sound and mature onions, which are properly washed, peeled, topped and tailed, and then cut into the desired size. After dehydration, the product is sorted, sieved and graded.

Dehydrated (red) onion adds a divine touch of richness and is used widely in preparing a variety of ethnic and traditional food preparations in the domestic and international market. After rehydration, Dehydrated Onions can be easily used in salad dressing, stuffing mixes, fast food, snack foods, pickled products, meat products, seafood products, gravies, canned foods, dips, bottle packs, pet food, rice mixes, soups, potato salad, seasoning, wet and dry salsa, speciality foods, curry powder, bakery topping, gourmet sauces, stews, gravies and in many other snacks or as ingredients.

Dehydrated Onions are very healthy, being relatively high in energy, rich in calcium and riboflavin and have a significant content of protein too. It is easy to store, being light in weight and smaller in bulk than fresh or any other form of processed onion. They are cheaper to pack too. They do not require refrigeration either. And, the Dehydrated (white) onion are grown organically that makes them free of pesticides.

Are dehydrated onions good for you?

Some of the health benefits of Dehydrated Onion includes:

  • Onions are rich in compounds that contain sulphur many of their health effects.
  • Dry (red) onion treat many illnesses and these include, hepatitis, asthma, pneumonia, prostate treatment, cancer, bruising and bruising, strength and activity, reproductive power, mental illness, rheumatism, treatment of fractures and pain relief, canker sores, and many illnesses.
  • With stronger antibiotics, they heal tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhoea, and kill many dangerous germs.
  • There also have substances that are diuretic, yellow, heart stimulants, blood circulation, and it contains yeast and enzymes used for the stomach and stimulants and stimulants of the glands and hormones.
  • Dehydrated Onion is like a tonic, being rich in vitamin C for removing dead cells from the body and contain the substance of Clokinin, which like insulin, control blood sugar, so onions are using medicines for diabetics, and there is onion sulphur, iron, and vitamins strengthens the nerves.
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Where can I use Dehydrated onion?

Restaurants: Dehydrated Onions add a special taste and flavour in Seafood, Oriental and Western dishes. Dehydrated onion is most essential for Indian cuisine.

Bakeries: Dehydrated Onions are used in preparing sandwiches, patties, pizzas, burgers, rolls, etc.

Food factories: Dehydrated Onion is used in preparing potato chips, and in the side masala additions with instant noodles.

Pharmaceuticals: Minerals and vitamins extracted out of nutrient-rich Dehydrated Onion are used to prepare medicines can cure cardio-vascular ailments and even cancer.

Home: Dehydrated Onions are used in making home-made recipes such as soups, salads, cooked meat etc.

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