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Fresh or Dried Garlic? Which suites best for Pickle Product Development?

Pickles have always been an integral part of South Asian cuisine especially of the Indian subcontinent. Pickles are usually chunks of fruits or vegetables which are mixed up with various Indian spices and are matured whilst dunked in oil.

The basic difference between North Indian and South Indian pickles is that North Indians use a lot of mustard oil while South Indians prefer sesame oil. What continues to fascinate achaar (the Indian word for pickle) lover are despite the same ingredients, the preparation techniques and maturity periods impart a completely unique taste to each of the pickles.

Traditional Pickle vs Modern Pickle Manufacturing:

Traditionally the pickles were manufactured with freshly chopped fruits and vegetables and then they were smeared with homemade spice mixes. If not totally sundried the pickles never lasted long.

However, modern-day pickle manufacturers use dried and packed spices such as garlic flakes as the main ingredient which not only impart a zingy flavour to the pickle but also make it sustain more than the conventional pickles.

How Dried Vegetables Play a Role in New Product Development?

In fact, the advent of dried vegetables has proved to be a game-changer for pickle buyers and manufacturers alike. The foremost advantage of dried vegetables is that they are available all around the year and being already sundried contains little moisture which helps the pickle ripe thoroughly and easily.

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Dried vegetables and fruits also help the pickle to sustain shelf life for a longer period. Plus, the dried vegetables add a non-seasonal flavour to the pickles boosting their market value. And the bonus point is that these sundried vegetables do not need any artificial preservative as they contain little to no moisture.

New Pickle Products in Market:

It is due to the dried vegetables available in the food market we can savour taste bud-tickling pickles like the carrot pickle which is actually a winter special delicacy, the beetroot pickle for those who want healthy and colourful food palate, mixed veggie pickle is one of the biggest food choices when you have finicky children to feed and now you have mushroom pickle too for the diet conscious fitness freak.

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Since the time immemorial these pickles have found a spot on our kitchen cabinets and now they are back with a bang as more and more people across the globe are ready to experiment with exotic flavours which can sow both micro and macro minerals in our bodies too. In fact, pickles are actually a kind of home remedy for various minor ailments like acidity and indigestion, an interesting mode of imbibing micronutrients and keeping the taste buds functional. And dried vegetables have played a very important role in the comeback of these quintessentially Asian condiments.

Dried vegetables have not only made them healthier, chemical-free but also cheaper as the ingredients are available all round the year. But wait... what is the best thing about dried vegetables? The reply is that they are readily available in the market.

How does Mevive offer a Dehydrated Vegetable solution?

There are many dealers like the Mevive International who offer a wide range of natural products like dried and chemical-free vegetables with long-lasting shelf lives. Mevive has carved a niche for themselves in the world of dried vegetables as their products are pristine, handpicked and are processed in a completely hygienic atmosphere.

Then they are packed with the utmost care and are shipped to the various parts of the globe. Mevive International products are not only naturally grown but are completely sun/machine dried to preserve the natural nutrients and make the harvests moisture free for lasting shelf life.

These vegetables can enhance the temptation of any pickle or condiment by adding a riot of colours and flavours and loading them with nutrients at the same time.

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