Dehydrated Capsicum- Red & Green

Product Name: Dehydrated Red & Green Capsicum

Ingredients (Raw Material): Fresh Red & Green Capsicum

Forms: Flakes, Powder

Size: Customized Sizes (10*12mm, 3*3mm etc)

Colour, Taste & Aroma: Characteristic & Flavor of Fresh Capsicum

Shelf Life: 12 months from the date of manufacturing at recommended storage condition

Packaging (Material Type, Quantity): 20 Kgs Box packing with inner liner

MOQ: 20 kgs

Handling / Storage: Store in a cool & dry place, temp. below 20 C & should be kept in a closed warehouse, protected humidity & dust

Lead Time: 10 Days

Other Names: Dehydrated Bell Pepper, Dried Bell Pepper, Dry Bell Pepper, Dried Capsicum, Dry Capsicum

Fusion Tale of Dehydrated Bell Pepper:

Preserve larder for all time with dried capsicum ardour. Tracing origins, dehydrated capsicum flakes are from hot and dry green/red bell peppers. Step into this capsicum annum family for mild zippy fruity taste with vibrant colours. Lend bell pepper flakes to wipe out blandness. Ketchup catch up our red capsicum flakes to enhance its taste. The ultimate rice mix needs capsicum flakes catalyst. Canned / Instant food continues to dress up their curries, salsa, salad, stews and soups with a glimpse of our dehydrated capsicum flakes and powder for not sharp taste. Payless for our qualified bulks.

Farm to Flame:

Mevive forces focus to convert red/green capsicum into value-added variants with zero wastage. Freshly harvested ripe capsicums are graded, cleaned, sliced to undergo dehydration. Hot air drying is done then stones are eliminated for sieving. Quality testing is done before packing and labelling the products. Drying is the best method to slow down microbial growth. Removing the pith makes a lower dash of heat. Mevive never fails to inspect the products before dispatch. Vacuum sealing is done to ensure safety bulk buying.

Why Dehydrated Capsicum?

Fresh whole capsicum has higher moisture content with a shorter life span that lasts up to 2 - 3 weeks. To extend the shelf life of capsicum it’s dehydrated and stored in the cool dark rack. Quickly rehydrated flakes give a naturally pleasing look to instant food. Spices up any masala/tastemakers with flavour feast. Scoville rating of dried capsicum flakes makes its spiciness milder. Ripe fruit of capsicum when dried gives a hot spicy kick without burning heat.

Boundaries on Knives off:

Our dried bell pepper flakes on the plate can speak with the paradise of taste

  • Pickles pick our red bell pepper flakes for a divine taste
  • Our flakes pile makes pizza smile when topped
  • Tastemakers loaded with full of taste with capsicum flakes
  • Some can feed the hunger with canned food
  • Dehydrated capsicum makes any instant mix a delicious one.

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