Dried Chives- Flakes & Powders

Product Name: Dried Chives

Ingredients (Raw Material): Fresh Chives Leaves

Forms: Flakes, Powder

Size: 5*5 mm & Customized Mesh Sizes

Colour, Taste & Aroma: Fine Green Colour Chives. Characteristic Taste & Flavor of Fresh Chives

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Packaging (Material Type, Quantity): 20 kgs box with inner PP liner

MOQ: 5kgs

Handling / Storage: To be stored at air conditioned storage (17-25°C & RH <=60%) for one year from the date of manufacturing, in original container in an unopened condition

Other Names: Dried Chives, Dehydrated Chives, Dry Chives

Dried Chives- The Magical Ingredient Of Your Food Products

Fresh herbs and spices are something that we all prefer. But dried chives make life a whole lot easier. While dried chives could prove to be the best tastemakers in your kitchen, they are fast becoming popular among food manufacturing companies too, owing to their growing popularity as medicinal herbs.

Chives are closely related to the Onion family and known for rendering a distinctive flavour to every dish. It is widely preferred by Chefs and culinary experts due to its unique quality to blend seamlessly with any meal and also adds an exotic touch to the visual appeal of the Food.

Essential to the classic French blends, this lightweight herb tastes better in combination with other herbs as Basil, Fennel, Paprika, Parsley, etc.

Manufacturing Process:

The smallest member of the onion family, chives needs a lot of care and effort in its manufacturing process. One of the best additions to the beginner’s kitchen, chives are first washed and then spin-dried gently.

While the dehydrator is being preheated to the lowest temperature, the manufacturers chop the herbs into 5*5 mm. The herbs are then spread into a thin layer on clear trays & left in the dehydrator until the leaves are crisp when touch. This long, sophisticated and slow drying process helps chives to retain their colour, texture, and freshness.

Why Food Companies Prefer to Use Dried Chives Instead of Fresh?

This nutrient-rich ingredient adds the right flavour without adding additional calories, sodium, or fat. The dry chives flakes are an incredibly tender herb that comprises of soft stems and leaves and helps to add to the taste of any preparation. It is preferred over the fresh ones as when it is cooked, it infuses a strong flavour to the dish; extremely unique to its own. The texture of chives flakes, when put into a recipe, makes the food item come alive with its unique aroma and flavour.

By adding colour and a mild flavour of onion, dry chives easily enhance the taste and aroma of every dish. It not only blends with every flavour but turns even the most ordinary meal into a delectable one.

Why Us?

By laying particular emphasis on the quality and packaging of the ingredients, we at Mevive International seek to be the number one choice among Food Product Manufacturers, when it comes to dried chives. An ISO, Spices Board of India, HALAL certified food ingredients company, we are well known for offering chosen ingredients curated carefully by keeping hygiene and quality as the topmost priority. Observing high-quality standards of manufacturing and packaging of the products, the organization maintains a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the quality of the ingredients manufactured.

By emphasizing on offering high-quality food products while incurring minimum costs and wastage, we seek to maintain the intrinsic qualities of the ingredients/products manufactured.


Dried chives can be used on Biscuits, salads as a dressing, in vegetable stocks, egg mayonnaise, sandwiches, potato dishes, omelettes, gravies, snack foods, soup powders, health food, readily available food products, canned and frozen items, and various other food items.

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