Dehydrated Onion- Red & White

Product Name: Dehydrated Red, White & Pink Onion

Forms: Flakes, Powder, Minced, Chopped, Toasted & Fried Dehydrated Onion

Ingredients (Raw Material): Fresh Onion

Size:No specific size

Colour, Taste & Aroma:Characteristic & Flavor of Fresh Red and white Onion. Free From Artificial Flavor

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Packaging (Material Type, Quantity):12 or 14 kgs Inner Poly-liners with PP Bags

MOQ: 5kgs

Handling / Storage: Store in a cool & dry place, temp. below 20 C & should be kept in a closed warehouse, protected humidity & dust

Lead Time: 10 Days

Other Names: Dried Onion, Dry Onion, Machine- Dried Onion, Air-Dried Onion.

Fusion Tale of Dehydrated Onion:

Traverse the flavour explosion of dehydrated onion to make staple deliciously jump in taste buds. Mevive’s vario adds value to the market by unveiling the powder/flakes/minced/chopped forms of dehydrated pink, red and white onion. Dried onion cater from food processing industries to domestic use. A perfect balance of sweet and tart with a light crispy texture. Dehydrated onion dive right into the salads, marinades, sauces, gravies, hamburgers, masala mix, rice blends to get lost in the party. Pamper instant food, seasonings, pasta, eggs, and grains with dried onions for the newest incredible. Our product perfectly fuels your brand.

Farm to Flame

Sound mature farm-grown white/red/pink onions are directly procured to shed all moisture. Onion skins are peeled, washed, sliced deep into the core to heat at the right degree. After hot air drying, they are cooled to sort colours. Metal Detection is done before packaging and labelling the products to dispatch in bulks. Large amounts of onion turn into a small pinch of flakes, granules or fine downy powder.

Why Dehydrated Onion?

The texture of the dish becomes appetising when dry onion are added. No tears left to cry with low traces of pungency. Onion flavour with zero evidence of bulks, sprouting and rooting. Tackle the veggie waste wisely with our dehydrated (red and white) onion flakes. Reach of urban organized platforms makes consumers avail our well-packed products. Purchase bulk for Instant Flavouring & Easy to Use with long-stay life.

Boundaries on Knives off:

  • Wipe away the onion tears from the plough to plate to eat with no rots.
  • Pickles pick our dehydrated onion with a nickel.
  • Canned foods travel from backpack to tummies with our concentrated onion flavour.
  • Explore new dips and sauce breeds using our onion powder.
  • Onion flakes fit every sip of the super soup collection.
  • Put a fork over the noodles that hide dry onion powder in the tastemaker.
  • Get into the mode to take the frozen food that lasts longer with dehydrated onion.
  • Baking experts with onion powder never go in vain.
  • Spice blends make it nice with dehydrated red/white onion powder.

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