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Why I should use Dehydrated Garlic instead of Fresh Garlic?

Dehydrated Garlic is an essential condiment in the array of spice mixes in every kitchen. The pale yellow dry Garlic is known for its strong and slightly spicy flavour, which virtually enhances all savoury dishes. These garlic bulbs are highly popular for their freshness and fine nutritional value, just as real ones. Once crushed, they emit a distinct and sharply pungent fragrance that goes well with most herbs and spices.

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Dehydrated garlic is prepared from sound and mature farm fresh garlic sourced from reliable vendors. Bulbs of garlic are twisted and broken into cloves with the use of mild pressure, and scrubbed manually or using machines to ensure removal of the skin and its separation from the cloves. These cloves are sliced by machine into smaller pieces which are dried and dehydrated. These garlic pieces are then filtered through a mesh to ensure uniformity, once the desired size is obtained.

Varieties of Dehydrated Garlic Products:

  • Garlic Flakes
  • Garlic Powder
  • Garlic Granules
  • Garlic Chopped
  • Garlic Minced

Dehydrated Garlic is used in various forms, such as,

Garlic Flakes/ Cloves: Sized as a full clove, these applied mainly for soups, salads hamburgers, pizzas and fast food.

Garlic Powder: Finely ground, these are widely used as a seasoning in soups, sauces, curries, gravies, chicken, meat products, vegetable products, pickles, cheese, butter spreads, snacks and speciality food preparations.

Garlic Granules: Granules comes in size of 0.5-1 mm, these are used extensively in salad dressing and seasoning gravies, curries, sauces, dips, cheese snacks, rice mixes, seafood, stuffing, pickles, bakery products etc.

Garlic Chopped: Dried Chopped garlic comes in a size of 3-5 mm. Dehydrated Garlic when chopped is mostly used when strong garlic flavour and the taste is desired, such as, in pickles, dry mixes, sauces canned food and vegetables, meat products and other ethnic food.

Garlic Minced: Minced garlic comes in 1-3 mm. Cut finer into tiny pieces, which is used to Prepare Food, Sauces, Meat Bolls, Salad Dressings and dry casserole mixes.

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How to re-hydrate dry garlic?

To reconstitute, soak in a bowl of cool water for 30 minutes, drain and use as fresh.

1 fresh garlic clove = 1/8th teaspoon of garlic powder or a 1/4th teaspoon of granulated garlic or 1/2 teaspoon of garlic flakes.

How long does dehydrated garlic flakes last?

Dehydrated Garlic stays fresh for at least a year in airtight containers away from direct sunlight. If refrigerated, its freshness lasts even longer.

Health Benefits of dehydrated garlic products:

Dehydrated Garlic contains compounds with potent medicinal properties, such as:

  • Dehydrated Garlic is highly nutritious but has very few calories and also contains trace amounts of various other nutrients that our body needs such as fibre, vitamin C, B6, selenium and manganese.
  • Garlic can combat sickness, including the common cold and boosts the function of the immune system.
  • The active compounds in dehydrated garlic can reduce blood pressure cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes.
  • Dehydrated Garlic improves cholesterol levels, which will lower the risk of heart disease and can lower total and LDL cholesterol level.
  • Dehydrated Garlic also improves bone health.

Why I should prefer dehydrated garlic instead of fresh garlic?

Dehydrated garlic lasts longer than fresh garlic cloves that with time begin to sprout. With its antibacterial effects, Dehydrated garlic too helps reduce stomach infection though in a much more reduced form. Dehydrated garlic is convenient to use and don’t require peeling and chopping. Using less of dehydrated garlic, you get the nutrients that equal 6 raw cloves. So, you save on the quantity used.

Dried garlic enhances the flavour and taste of any cooked meal that requires just slight browning and light toasting with oil/ butter or dry on its own that require only a few seconds. And, this adds great benefits one’s health too. Dehydrated garlic can be as good as fresh cloves and be a perfect substitute for them, only that it needs to be reconstituted in a bit of water for 2-5 minutes before being added to any dish.

Another major benefit of using Dehydrated Garlic over fresh garlic is that it is less prone to burning while cooking. You can sauté it directly in oil or butter for a little while until it turns brownish with the guarantee that it won’t burn right away. And, for dishes like soups, stews, sauces or dips that require only a minute seasoning flavour of garlic rather than the main ingredient, then you have the option to choose Dehydrated Garlic in the form of garlic powder.

A lot of care is taken to ensure that the originality of garlic that is its natural colour, aroma and taste are preserved during the dehydration process. So, nothing is lost. So, dried garlic is perfect for consumption by the health conscious too. If you too are one of them, you can go for it!

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